Allan Bruiser


Age: 221
Generation: 9th Gen – Ancilla
Description: Bulky Fellow, 6’2 and looks like has been war torn.
Sire: Unknown


Public History:
- Born June 22, 1795.
- Was changed in 1815 post War of 1812 as a Mortal.
- Signed up in WW1 under the Canadian Armed Regiment. He was under a special task force to conceal his true nature, that only striked at night.
- Post WW1, he signed up again for WW2 and finally for Vietnam under multiple names.
- He did roam a lot and is known for having visited a lot of Eastern Canada and Central Canada during the years.
- Allan has been around Saint John since 1975 post Vietnam-War, however he has been involved in many world conflicts prior. If asked, he will state that he is from there, and has been traveling the world ever since he was a boy.
- He is now the Sheriff of Saint John, and Myrmidon of Clan Gangrel.
- No Children that he is aware of.
- Prefers the great outdoors and is always looking for a good physical challenge.

Allan Bruiser

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