Anastasia Romanov

Tremere Myrmidon, Ancilla, Saint John


Physical Description:
5’10", Red Hair, Bright blue eyes, pale skin.

Musically talented in piano and voice Anastasia is a student of the arts. She is reserved, polite, kind and charming. When it comes to her duties, she is also efficient, diligent and exceptionally hard working.

Whenever she becomes agitated there is a distinct scent of wood smoke and she becomes increasingly hot to the touch. The more agitated she is the stronger the scent and the hotter she gets.


Name: Anastasia Romanov
Clan: Tremere
Positions: Tremere Myrmidon, Tremere Whip of Presque Isle
Age: 151
Generation : 9th, Ancilla
Sire: Titania Romanov – Deceased – 1882 – Sabbat Attack
Lineage: Laurier
Currently Resides in: Saint John, New Brunswick
Frequents: Presque Isle, Maine, USA
Confirmed, Acknowledged
Courageous by Prince Andrews of Saint John, NB, Clan Brujah.
Favoured by Prince Finn Elder of the Rose Prince of Presque Isle, Maine, USA
Courteous by Prince Lorraine, Elder of Clan Ventrue, Prince of Montreal
Honourable by Harpy Innana, Elder of Clan Malkavian, Harpy of Presque Isle, Maine, USA
Loyal by Primogen Blackstone of Clan Tremere of Presque Isle, Maine, USA

What is known About Her:

Originally Embraced in Russia and traveled to Canada in early 1900s.

In the 1900s Anastasia fought side by side with her childers Sergey and Roy against the Sabbat in Western & Central Canada. She was known for leading her team from the front and for being willing to put herself in mortal danger to protect those on her team. She believes Sabbat to be savage monsters that require extermination without mercy or hesitation. She would eradicate them all and she currently takes any opportunity she gets to destroy them. She became well known during the wars as having an aptitude for fire. She was nicknamed the Keeper of the Flame.

Anastasia has traveled all across the country moving from city to city.

Anastasia spent 1930-1964 in Northern Quebec, (Between Quebec & NB) Where she ran a “Haven” for “travelers” and took in War Orphans as a cover.

Currently resides in Presque Isle, Maine, USA, and Saint John, New Brunswick.

Childer: Sergey Zuko Romanov ( SJ PC )
Childer: Leroy Oswald Romanov (Vancouver PC)
Grandchilder: Yuki Cross (FV PC)
Grandchilder: B. Hunter Romanov (Buff,US, PC )

Childer: Elizabeth Romanov (SJ PC)

Anastasia Romanov

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