Bruce Norris

A stage magician with more than just card tricks up his sleeves


Clan: Tremere
Embrace: 1900
Sire: Hugh Fitzpatrick (New York, United States)
Residence: Montreal, Canada
Coterie: The Expendables
Position: Servire to Archon Vincent Alastair Maywheather

A thin man, around 1,75 m tall, with blond hair, he usually wears a white silk shirt with rolled-up sleeves, a bow-tie and round, red-tinted glasses. He is always playing around with either a deck of cards or an intricately carved coin.


  • Confirmed as an Ancilla of the Camarilla
  • Favored by the Established Elder O’Donnel of Clan Ventrue
  • Defender by the Authority of Anabelle d’Aumont, Prince of Sioux Falls
  • Honorable by the Authority of Guillaume Lorrain, Prince of Montréal
  • Acclaimed by the Noble JC Jovovich, Tremere Primogen of Montreal

An Ancilla over a century-old, Bruce Norris is a member of a peculiar Tremere Coterie known as The Expendables. Currently located in Montreal, this rough and tumble wandering Coterie has been assigned to the city since 2001, in order to help the Camarilla clear out the remaining Sabbat presence and stabilize the area. They have done so, re-establishing a Tremere presence in the city and helping to rebuild the Ivory Tower’s foundation in the area.

In a Coterie notorious for the abrasive and tactless nature of its member, Norris stands as the exception. A pleasant and charming man, he is the face of the group, always willing and able to smooth things over with the local authorities, unfailingly polite with Elders and quite open to discuss any subject with Neonates. And while some might see this as a weakness, all the better, as he prefers to be underestimated by any potential enemies. Indeed, behind the genial facade lies a Kindred absolutely, unfailingly loyal to his Clan and to the Camarilla, with far more than just card tricks up his sleeves.