Ciro Dante De Rosa

Blood-Vintner, Gun Smith,


Name: Ciro Dante De Rosa
Aka: Ciro
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
Guild: Guild of the Climbing Rose
House: House Thorne
Born: 1899 – Tuscany, Italy
Embraced: 1930 – Tuscany, Italy
Generation: 12th
Status: ABIDING: Confirmed (Machiavellian Prodigy) FLEETING: Loyal (Master Harpy Von Berchtold of Vancouver0 (L. Status Ban)
Notable Traits: Both an accomplish Viticulturist (Winemaker) and capable soldier
Title or Positon: Whip of Clan Toreador – Vancouver

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Ciro Dante De Rosa, Blood-Vintner: In his own words

I would have been the greatest vintner that was ever fostered in Tuscany. I had the raw natural aptitude from an early age, bottling my first red at just 15. My father introduced it so they wouldn’t write it off as a child’s creation. He wore the fame of its success, and I never trusted him again.

Later in life I had begun to frolic in the rewards of my inspiration with wine. Back then vintners were like royalty and modern celebrities. Invited to the most exclusive social gatherings, we hobnobbed with class, power, beauty, and intrigue.

I met my sire when invited to pair my best with the food of an amazing culinary genius named Antonin. After the praise and pomp was levied for our collaboration, I found myself alone with him. His food inspired my craft and we became fast friends. I think he chose to bring me into the family out of both a desire for company in the darkness, and the inspiration he gleaned from me. It was symbiotic.

Coming to terms with the condition of being kindred proved difficult. Wine simply lost its flavour. I struggled with this till Antonin brought home a friend. Grizelda became my muse and before long Antonin embraced her too.

12 years past before I was considered learned enough to not warrant close scrutiny. Hestia, Antonin’s broodmate, had taken me under her wing and taught me medicine. The discovery that I could preserve vitae ignited my passion further and before long I was infusing the life juices of humans with the aromas of flora and the emotions of my absent sway. I was a Vintner again.

Hestia also showed me the way of the warrior. Over the years I found it to be my second passion. With the protection of lineage and sect my muse, crossbows and hand to hand became my second art.

Bloodwine and death; these were my creations. I grew understandably cocky with age. Backing down from a fight wasn’t in me and opportunity was abound always for me to show it.

I sought out Dorian and Occam when I learned of the Guild of the Climbing Rose. Feodor, my great grand-sire was a member and the Guild simply called to my soul. Joining was instinctive.

My embrace gave me more than eternal unlife. It gave me purpose. It gave me opportunity. To spend ones existence passionately creating the inspiration for kindred to maintain the illusive strands that hold them to their soul; To be a reminder of why we keep the beast at bay and always remember that without humanity we all turn to ash; that is purpose.

There’s something to be said for clear purpose. Some would find it intimidating to make the security of the Camarilla and the souls of the kindred under it their personal responsibility. I am a member of the Davydov lineage, a Toreador of House Thorne, a member of the Guild of the Climbing Rose and a defender of the Ivory Tower. These things don’t define me, they are expressions of my identity. I love being me.

Ciro Dante De Rosa

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