Claude Pelletier

Ancillae Nosferatu Investigator and Heavy


“Each man must look to himself to teach him the meaning of life. It is not something discovered: it is something moulded.”
-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Notable Traits

  • Dresses like a emo goth, using Obfuscate to this advantage
  • Tends to cover his face despite to ability to look like whomever he likes


  • Confirmed as Ancillae (Abiding)
  • Favoured by word of Canada’s Toreador Clanhead (Fleeting)1
  • Acclaimed by word of Archon Vincent Allistair Mayweather2
  • Triumphant by word of Justicar Damaris

Information Known by Kindred Society

In modern nights this Nos has taken on the guise Claude Pelletier, in honour of those who came before him. He has adapted his legal skills to the Camarilla arena, drafting Treatise and Pacts on the local level in various places throughout Canada for he served as Servire3 due to having developed an investigative mind and a brutish body. The scalpel and the hammer. Upon reaching the New World he underwent the Ritual of Adoption into the Nosferatu Lineage “The Burrowes”. Claude has an interested in art, has over the years accumulated a collection, but one of the numerous objects d’art on display is a huge wall painting that depicts a little known battle scene from the War of 1812 (which unbeknownst to historians) where a prominent member of Clan Toreador is featured at the centre. Between you, me and the Harpy, it is found that the owner finds it to be a tremendously flattering rendition of himself, and makes it worth one’s wild to continue to have it on public display.

Claude speaks with a Parisian accent, sometimes inserting french words, be it from absent mindedness or flair it is hard to say.


  • 1830: Born in Ballon d’Alsace, France.
  • 1852: Called to the bar at Paris (Lawyer).
  • 1872: In the late nineteenth century he draft some French education reforms, heavily influenced by Louis-Michel le Peletier, marquis de Saint-Fargeau, 1791 work (revolutionary reform of education, promoting a Spartan education. It called for both males and females to be taught in state-run schools and taught revolutionary ideas instead of the customary history, science, mathematics, language and religion).
  • 1872: Jean-Pierre de Pâris was born into Clan Nosferatu, Marseille, France.
  • 1878: Travelled to the New World with Lazaro
  • 1884: Moved to Northwest Canada and involved himself with mortal affairs, Northwest Rebellion 1885
  • 1890: Taking on the moniker Claude Pelletier and bringing his railway windfall with him he orchestrated the amalgamation of two gentlemen’s Clubs in Saint John, NB, and settled in The Union Club
  • 2013: Became Servire to the Brujah Archon Reginald Blake
  • 2015: Became Servire to the Toreador Archon James Chau
  • 2016: Archon Chau dies

OOC Information
Player: K. David Woolley, CA9871-022

1 CAiNE 2013 Auction Lot 52 “A Piece of History” — Application #CA-CAN-VC-1405-017048
2 Gathering the information required for this mission and protecting while keeping and protecting the masquerade during the battle.
3 CAiNE 2013 Auction Lot 30 “You Said You Wanted to Serve … (1)” — Application #CA-CAN-VC-1405-017043

Claude Pelletier

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