John Andrews

Brash, loud mouth union man.


Sometimes Deputy Sheriff
Generation: 10th
Embraced: July 2009
Clan: Brujah
Lineage: Riel
Sect: Camarilla
Sire: Sid Montgomery (Sonny White). Famous Werewolf Hunter.
Childer: n/a
DoB: Oct 29, 1969

John appears as a rotund middle aged man. When not wearing a pair of industrial pants, work shirt and hard hat, John dresses simply: golf shirt, Jeans and sports coat. If you’re perceptive you will notice the maple leaf socks or Toronto maple leafs pin. John habitually wears some item of Toronto Hockey memorabilia. John is hard to miss. He is loud and imposing. John needs little in the way of weaponry. He prefers the satisfying crunch of bones breaking under his fists. Still, John’s tool box is never far behind. If something needs doing he probably has the tool to get the job done.


“In union, there is strength.” ― Aesop

“Now I’m mad.” ― John Andrews

John Andrews is brash, loud and faithful. John makes no secret of what he feels or thinks at any given time. It is likely to get him into trouble sometime in the near future. Although John is a same page, my page kind of guy John is unerringly loyal to those he trusts and to his family. John believes strongly in solidarity and representing the little guy. Don’t get any ideas. John is Camarilla through and through. His sire was sure to beat it into him. Management has the right to manage. Nothing says however, that an every day Joe can’t fight for his piece of the pie and maybe help everyone else on the bottom get a little better compensation for their hard work.

John’s mortal history is far from a secret and is easily tracked by any kindred with an ounce of savvy. John grew up rough with a father who abused him. Eventually John ran away from home and began living on the streets. In a his later teens John found a father figure in George Dernier. The father son relationship would redefine John’s values and his perception of what it means to be a dad. John wandered from Job to job earning a living to support his wife and children. Never one to back down from a fight John was a activist for workers rights and union solidarity. Eventually this lead to a career as a union rep for C.U.P.E. John disappeared just as he was reaching the height of his career. When he finally returned home, nearly a decade later, it was as a kindred.


  • Victorious by the Keeper of Elysium of Saint John, Edward of the Tremere and
  • Courageous by Prince O’Callaghan of Calgary and
  • Courageous again by Prince Elizabeth of Saint John


John Andrews is owed a

  • Minor Boon by the Lasombra Juan Rivierez (NPC)
  • Minor Boon by the Malkavian Aloysius (Frank Duguay: CA2010050201)
  • Minor Boon by the Nosferatu Elder Clan Head of Canada Mother (Anita Fougere)
  • Trivial Boon by Elder Toreadore Prince Finn O’Reilly, Prince of Presquile
  • Trivial Boon by Mr. Hamish Adair (Chris Fougere)

John Andrews owes

  • Minor Boon to Aloysius (Frank Duguay CA2010050201) for an introduction to the Prince,
  • Minor Boon to Travis Weston Mike (Berthume CA200012248)
  • Minor Boon to Travis Weston Mike (Berthume CA200012248)
  • Minor Boon to Jimmy, the Malkavian
  • Minor Boon to Mother, the Nosferatu Elder Clan Head of Canada and Harpy of Saint John (Anita Fougere)
  • Minor Boon to Hamish Adair, Primogen of the Tremere
  • Trivial Boon to Hamish Adair, Primogen of the Tremere

Stereotypes (OOC INFO)

  • Assamites: Nice to see that they see us as the parasites we are. Now if only they would judge us on our individual merits. They are blind to their own flaws. Too much pride. They are no angels, although they think themselves servants of god. Who watches the Watchers?
  • Brujah: Brothers and Sisters in Solidarity. I will always stand with them.
  • Gangrel: Individuals divorced from Society. All too easy to see humans as prey and become a monster. Respect their tenacity, honesty and warrior spirit. Will take them on a case by case basis.
  • Giovanni: They have a charming smile and glib tongue. Be careful. They delve into dark arts and lure you into tenuous bargains. They are loan sharks and once you owe them you will never be free. Still sometimes the dead need to be put to rest.
  • Lasombra: Like the Ventrue but worse. They have no compassion at all. Their darkness is unnatural and allows evil to seep into the world.
  • Nosferatu: Ugly. Secretive. I have no problem with them but they tend to put their nose where it doesn’t belong. I dislike deceitful people. Maybe that’s why I have trouble trusting Nos.
  • Malkavians: Their motives are shrouded in Madness. They can be fickle in their alliances. Carthage for example or so I am told. Yet they are visionaries. I wonder what flaw they saw. They, like us, care for the masses. If only they would stop inflicting their malignant insight on those they wish to protect. If there was a way to cure them I would.
  • Toreadore: Frenemy. We share their faith in humanity. They fall short however in their trust of humanity. If only we could convince them to see our vision. Prove to them that the dream is possible for more than just kindred.
  • Ravnos: Stereotypes and Bigotry is another kind of enslavement. I will make my decision on this clan when I am ready.
  • Setite: Heathens and serpents. They are enemies of the faithful and so never to be trusted.
  • Tremere: Untrustworthy but useful. I do not believe they can be all as gullible as Anatasia. What game does she play.
  • Ventrue: They are a pillar of the Camarilla. I have nothing good to say so I will say nothing.
  • Tzimisce: Evil incarnate. They would reshape us all in their image. Destroy them when you see them. Free their slaves from their chains or give them the peace of death.


Chris Wilson
CND-02 House of Dark Tidings
Saint John, NB

John Andrews

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