Joseph Arthur Wellington **Deceased**

Tremere Steward


Generation: 11th
Embrace Date: 1991
FInal Death: The Battle of Chiliwack
Clan: Tremere (Apprentice of the 7th Circle)
Lineage: Wyncham


Things other Tremere would know

He is known as a diligent researcher, and has shown himself to be an exemplary representative of the clan in dealings with diverse Kindred in regions all around the world. If a group possesses information the Tremere need, Joseph has always shown himself to be more than willing to put aside his personal preferences and interact with them in whatever fashion is required to earn their trust, or their debt.

For one so young Joseph is held in high esteem within the Pyramid. He has led to the successful recovery of no less than five objects of note for the Tremere within the past twenty years through Europe and the Americas, and were he slightly less humble it is possible he would likely have already advanced to the position of regent, but he has always been more than willing to allow those he works with to take perhaps more credit than they are due.

Things Canadian Camarilla members would know or easily enough be able to learn

Within the Canadian Camarilla he has been developing a reputation as a both a professional and desirable asset to have present in the various larger field operations the Ivory Tower finds itself conducting. Specializing in logistics, organization and research he is by no means a stranger to frontline field support of combat operations, and his methods suggest formal training in all such fields.

His appointment to the position of clan steward to clan-head Howard has placed him in a more public position in recent nights. Though as clan-head Howard appears to prefer to make announcements and communicate directly himself, what it is exactly that Joseph does for the Tremere is best left to speculation.

On The Camarilla:
“The Ivory tower is built on the lessons learned over thousands of years of history. There will always be conflict between the various clans and ideals of our kind, but the structure the Camarilla provides us allows us to engage in these differences without risking our very existence to another inquisition. Anyone who is foolish enough to think they could survive the onslaught of what the mortal world throw at them were they to be openly discovered deserves their fate. But like any intelligent organization, the Camarilla works to identify and purge these malcontents before they ever become a problem."

On The Sabbat:
“An organization built on a false premise regarding their right to judge the elders of our race on behalf of a mythical father figure. They revel in violence and lose themselves in selfishness, greed and short-sighted thinking. They have a fundamental misunderstanding regarding the risk that the technologies of mankind represent to us, and would gladly drive our species to extinction if it allowed them to sate their individual lust for power and taste for the Amaranth. Those who claim membership in the sect and participated in their crimes against the Tower deserve to be hunted down and eliminated like the animals that they are. "

On Anarchs:
“There are those among the Anarchs who understand the cost that comes with true freedoms: that with every freedom comes the responsibility to face the consequences of one’s actions. Were it so that the views of these Anarchs were the rule and not the exception then I could hold respect for this group of kindred. Instead most of this faction acts as mere children playing with matches against the foundations of the eternal night, those who act differently are a pleasant surprise."

On Mortals:
“Yes, we are above them. Of that there is no question. But the structures and viewpoints that mortals hold so dear are one of the most efficient ways to keep the beast within all of us in check. I like to make a point of engaging with the mortal world at least once a month; it helps to provide perspective and keep from falling into the familiar rhythms of an endless nighttime. In other words: mortals possess a vitality outside of their blood that can be quite refreshing, when engaged in sparingly.”

Joseph Arthur Wellington **Deceased**

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