Michael Serafino

The only known Warrior Salubri outside the Sabbat


Michael Serafino stands over 6’ tall with hard, dark features that call back to a Mediterranean heritage. He is quiet and professional, usually on guard for threats. A rosary is often found dangling from his wrist.


Born: 1906 in Niagara Falls
Executed: March 2015 in Hamilton
Embraced: 1946 in Edmonton Alberta
Sire: John Wolfe
Grand Sire: Adonai
Generation: 9th

Michael lost his sire in an attack by the Sabbat who wished to reclaim his blood, he was saved from what would have certainly been a grizzly fate by Tala and her coterie. A Gangrel elder with an understanding of his clans history, a sympathy for the suffering they endured at the hands of the Tremere and a need for another sword.

Today he stays in Hamilton, where Tala reigns as Prince, hoping to one day redeem his name and those of his clan.

On January 31st, 2015 Michael was arrested in Bloomington Indiana after assisting in striking down the traitor Vincent Giovanni. He confronted the unholy Equinox and lost his temper swinging righteously at the Gangrel Clanhead. As he composed himself he surrendered to Archon Steiner and is presently in the custody of Justicar Eluwilussit awaiting trial at the Judicial Conclave in Hamilton, Ontario.

After a brief trial Michael was found guilty of the Heresy of being Salubri and was ordered to face final death at the hand of his oldest friend, Tala Sable-sky. He went peacefully, thanking the Justicariate for the mercy they showed his friends before his head was removed from his shoulders.

Pleasant and professional in most situations, a man of few words he prefers to observe silently until his attention is needed. When that occurs he becomes hyper focused on the task until it is resolved. In private it has been said that he is far more…passionate.


  • Alleged to be vying to earn the support of the Inner Council
  • He is a Caitiff that just happened to have manifested Valeren
  • He’s a Warrior Salubri
  • He’s a Healer caste Salubri
  • He’s a plant by Clan Tremere

On The Camarilla:
“It is the closest we have to His will on earth. Oppose it, and you oppose me”

On The Sabbat:
“Demon worshipers to the last, corrupted by the Infernal in their bloodthirsty pursuit for the hearts blood of our eldest”

On Anarchs:
“Children. They require the Rod so that they might see they are loved”

On The Tremere:
“…Judge not, that you be not judged”

On The Baali:
“I will execute great vengeance on them with wrathful rebukes. Then they will know the Lord, when I lay His vengeance upon them.”

When speaking of himself:
“I’m a humble servant of the Lord, pay me no mind”


  • Tala an Elder of clan Gangrel and longtime friend of Michael’s, he is her ward by way of blood boon.
  • Einarr an Elder Gargoyle that is unwavering in his loyalty to the tower
  • Blank an Elder Malkavian that acts as a sort of prophet and seer, Michael seems to be suspicious of her skill but cannot deny it’s accuracy
  • Albert Kalle an Elder of Clan Brujah, level headed and exceedingly reasonable
  • Dona Isabella Giovanni a true Elder of Clan Giovanni and exceedingly supportive friend of Michael often found on the field together when Baali are afoot

Michael Serafino

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