Artistic fashionista, Toreador


Embraced: 1895
Born in Canada : Fredericton, 1865
Traveled to Europe in 1880s as Toreador Ghoul
Sire: Amy Ivancic
Generation: 9th, Ancilla
Status: Acknowledged, Confirmed


Charming and suave Nehallennia can talk her way into and out of most situations. She is most well known for her beautiful clothing designs. Which are rumored to have special properties for the right price.


Nehallennia is rarely seen without her loyal Ghoul friend and protector, Julian Depont (NPC).

Fabulously wealthy Nehallenia enjoys a luxurious lifestyle. She respects life and finds mortals have their uses. She doesn’t feel any particular attachment to them other than an admiration for their art and hard work.

Nehallennia is the ex-wife of Vlad the Stampede (PC Gangrel), the details of this relationship is not widely known. It is rumored they knew each other as mortals.

Nehallennia is allied with Anastasia Romanov (PC Tremere) having resided with her at Mahogany Manor for a month while her own haven was renovated. As well as being impressed and drawn to Primogen Romanov’s musical prowess.