Full Name: Rosa Silvanovna Lisov
Player: Anna
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarila
Born: During the 1950s
Embraced: In the 1970s

Originally hailing from Russia, Rosa does not hide the fact that she’s a fairly young vampire, but she doesn’t announce it to the world either.
Rosa grew tired and frustrated of the powder keg that modern Europe has become, and the Kine politics in Russia that made it dangerous to conduct both her business and her private life. As such, she fled to Canada where she successfully re-established her entrepreneurship.

Rosa is unfortunately too young to have partaken in the debauchery of old Russian nobility, but she’s definitely trying to catch up.
She stays in tune with her humanity by engaging with Kine in a number of ways.


-Sired in a moment of passion with another lady. Rosa lost contact with her, and she is presumed dead.
-Fled from Moscow late Autumn 2014
-Owns a filming studio in Toronto