Tabetha Loth

"Criminal" Lawyer with a checkered past


Generation: 10th
Embrace Date: 1983
Clan: Malkavian
Lineage: Hincks
Sire: Preacher (final death 1989)

Has the tell tale pinpoint eyes and twitches of a Cocaine addict.


Despite her dubious beginnings, she is a faithful servant of the Camarilla. Embraced by Preacher at her court ordered cocaine rehab in Boston in 1983 (he was working as a counsellor) she served him until the Battle of Montreal in 1989. Not a fighter, she was quickly aprehended.

After a long interrogation by Deux of the Thought Police, a deal was struck. In exchange for her conversion to the Camarilla. She was blood bound to Marcellus, Brujah Prince of Vancouver who needed her expertise and knowledge of the Sabbat to help get them out of the city.

After ten years of observation and monitoring (as well as another thorough examining by the Thought Police) she was granted full Camarilla membership in 1999. In early 2013 a Praxis seisure ended Marcellus’ reign but the bond was still intact as he did not meet his final death then, was just taken by his Clan in torpor. The bond was finally severed completely in 2014 when Marcellus met his final death in the retaking of Kelowna.

She served as Steward for a time and then was made the Myrmadon by new Clan Head Ockham. There she was solely responsible for the final death of The Fallen Prince. After their return to Vancouver, having failed to die as was hoped, Ockham removed her as Myrmadom because of her past as a Sabbat. She decided to come clean publicly to tell he story in her own words, rather than a perverted version of the truth come out.

She is not without her allies, having joined a coterie of female kindred. She continues to practise law with the bulk of her work in International law (as a cover as to why she only works at night) and her own brand of criminal law in making things happen so clients never see a courtroom.

Tabetha Loth

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