Talia Ferr


Appears to be an athletic woman in her early 20s, with brown eyes and long auburn hair. She is a mechanic, a well known fighter, and has been known to publicly perform her poems at court.


- She is a skilled mechanic.
- Fluent in Québécois French but uses primarily English.
- Has mentioned having backpacked across Europe in 1995, before her embrace.
- Moved from Montréal to Vancouver in 2014.
- Runs an automotive shop called Ferris Automotive, with an assistant named Caleb.
- Attended the Grand Symposium in early 2014.
- Fought the Sabbat in Kelowna in the summer of 2014. Prince Stratton named her Courageous for her actions.
- Former Brujah Primogen. In the wake of political upheaval in Vancouver in later summer 2014, the role has been assumed by Caroline Sloan.
- Defended Vancouver from Sabbat attack in early autumn 2014.
- Named Loyal by Master Harpy Cross in autumn 2014.
- Participated in the gala celebrating the opening of the Moulin Rouge Nightclub on November 1, 2014. She and a number of her coterie-mates danced a Cabaret-style dance in the opening performance. Talia also performed a spoken word poem called “asea” that was highly praised.
- Attended Ockham’s Carnival of Riddles in late November 2014, and came second in the Feats of Strength event.
- Attended San Juan’s Winter Ball on December 4, 2014. She performed two poems: “days of mourning” and “Poetry Afloat”, accompanied by piano music played by Primogen Mona Leesa. Despite an interruption between poems caused by another guest, their performance was well regarded and greatly enjoyed by many.
- Named Favoured by her sire, Caroline Sloan, in December 2014.
- Attended Seattle’s Longest Night Ball on December 20th, 2014. She participated in a Saturnalia cymbel and was given an honorable mention and named Acclaimed for her efforts in acting the part of an elder for the evening.
- Moved to London for an extended visit starting in January 2015.
- Competed in a number of feats held by th London Brujah Primogen, Tony Morris, at a court gathering held at his dockside bar. Tied with Primogen Morris on both the mechanical bull and Morris’ “Dodge-O-Matic” machine. After they tied again on a rematch on the bull, the two happily split their winnings.
- Named Defender by London’s Prince Thomas de Vere in January 2015.