Vlad the Stampede

Gangrel Primogen, Saint John, NB


Gangrel Cowboy with a Southern Accent.


Age 150 Ancilla
Height: 6’
Weight: 215
Long Brown hair with Typical Cowboy garb (Hat, Trench, shiny belt)
Gangrel Primogen of Saint John

Known Facts
1. Typically a straight shooter, hasn’t been caught in an outright lie.
2. Will protect with his life those he sees as under his care.
3. Honor and Loyalty is big on him.
4. Ranged combat Gangrel, guns are first avenue of attack.
5. Born and Raised in Texas mid to late 19th Century.
6. Been a Vampire for over a century but barely knows anything about being a Vampire. Stayed secluded on his farm outside Fredericton, NB, since he was turned. Driven out by hunters less than a year ago forced to flee south
7. Can relate most situations to incidents from his farm.
8. Wont kill or feed on humans, unless in Extreme circumstances.

Vlad the Stampede

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