Xavier Grandmaison


Born in Calais, France, he was picked up as ghoul by his Sire-to-be visiting from England and needing a guide and translator. While tracking down a Sabbat Brujah in New York, they and McAdams’ contact in the city were ambushed by a Sabbat pack and their ghouls in a daybreak operation. Actually mortally wounded by McAdams’ frenzying contact as they were finishing up the assailants, Xavier was offered the choice to die and join his now long-dead relatives, or the Embrace. Not really thinking he’d go to Heaven, he chose the latter option.

Xavier spent most of his life traveling from one fledgling Domain to another, working to stabilize Praxies by removing threats to the stability and supporting the Traditions with zeal, always mindful of the expectations that came with his Sire’s name. Having earned the respect and boons of enough newly-minted Princes, he was eventually elevated beyond what his age and blood should allow him to be (Machiavellian Prodigy Merit).

Sire: John McAdams
Embrace: 1814
Residence: Montreal, Canada
Coterie: A few…

Acknowledged by Constance Fournier, Prince of Boston, upon his release in 1815.
Acknowledged by Guillaume de Lorrain, Prince of Montreal, upon his arrival in 2014.

Noble, Established and Privileged as a recognized Elder of Clan Brujah

Loyal from his Sire (Prestigious Sire Merit)


None at the moment.

Xavier Grandmaison

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