This page has links to all the documents that establish the setting for our chronicle.

Setting and Background Documents

These documents establish the In Character history of the chronicle.


Have a look at what happened since the chronicle started, as well as before it did.

Active Domains

These cities have active games being played:

Dark Parts of the Map

Other cities, other places, other problems. As the ANST Staff fleshes out the Dark Parts of the Map this list will continue to grow to add depth to our national game.


Various treaties that used to bind the Canadian Camarilla to Independant Clans. As of the Kamloops regional conclave held in July 2015, these treaties have been abrogated and voided.

National NPCs

Documents about National Non Player Characters that are important in the chronicle.

  • Archons in Canada : Some background on the Archons, powerful agents of the Justicars, that are operating in Canada.
  • Antagonists : Powerful hunters that threaten Kindreds in Canada

Clan Guides

Guides to the main Clans of the chronicle, if you want to know more.