(former) Nosferatu Clanhead of Canada


Mother normally appears in a floor-length olive green cloak, with her face hidden behind a white porcelain mask. Very few kindred have ever seen her actual visage, although on occasion she will “wear [her] human face” in public.


Mother is an Elder Nosferatu who has made her home in Saint John, New Brunswick, for over two centuries. She has several childer throughout Canada, though most of her brood is said to stay close-to-home.

In contrast to the frequent shifts of power that seem to happen in other clans, Mother has served as the Nosferatu Clanhead of Canada since 1946.

For many of those years, she was frequently seen in the company of a Tremere named Andrew Stanum, and rumour had it that the two were lovers. In the fall of 2013, they traveled to Europe together, and each returned wearing a ring; Andrew publicly stated the two had wed. Less than a year later, however, Andrew went missing from Saint John, and despite all investigations, he has not yet been found.

Some say Mother’s demeanor changed after Andrew’s disappearance, shifting from a good-humoured protector to a tyrannical despot. Time will tell if this is grief, guilt, or her true self come to light without a companion to divert her attention from politics and power.

Currently, she serves not only as Nosferatu Clanhead of Canada (for the 69th year), but also as Master Harpy of Saint John.

In September of 2016, Their Graces “politely requested” the resignation of the Clanheads of Canada; Mother has yet to respond.