House Tanit


House Tanit is a line of Toreador that is new to Canada but predates the foundation of the Camarilla. Their historical stomping grounds are in Europe and Africa, allegedly hailing from the ancient city of Carthage. House Tanit has worked tirelessly at establishing and maintaining information networks across the world. They have leveraged these resources on behalf of the Ivory Tower for as long as any can remember. They are a passionate and archetypal house of Clan Toreador, they are possessed of artists and connoisseurs and are known to be gregarious and outgoing. Eternally loyal to the Ivory Tower, members of House Tanit are friendly and easy to get along with but they all conceal a fanatical zeal for the Camarilla.

House of Privilege

Those that are chosen by House Tanit for embrace often come from wealth and influence, as a result their is an inordinate number of connoisseurs found in ‘House Tanit’s’ rank. Despite this, the house has made incredible efforts to ensure they are seen as upstanding artsy Toreador. House Tanit rose to fame during the second world war when they leveraged their influence network to fight the Ventrue who had chosen to support the Germans. It was a point of pride that the allies, with the support of House Tanit, were able to defeat the legendary influence of the Ventrue. The name is a throwback to the days of Carthage, Tanit was a Goddess of love and fertility worshiped at the time. They held influence over the temples, and that was where they learned the craft. The icon of the Goddess has been a symbol since then.

  • Lady Sophoniba, Sultan of Tunis (6th Gen)
  • Dexios Levantine, Architect of the Tower, House Founder (7th Gen)
  • Walter Worth, The Smithy (8th Gen)
  • Genevieve Laroux, The Socialite (8th Gen)
  • Tesh Fisher, Machiavellian Prodigy, The Seamstress (11th Gen)

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Secrets and Sedition

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