Our chronicle uses the rules from Mind’s Eye Theater: Vampire The Masquerade from By Night Studios, with a minimum of modifications.

This page has links to all the additional rules documents currently in effect in our chronicle.


The addendum contains modifications and clarifications to the rules from By Night Studios.

Camarilla Setting Style Document

The Setting Style Document defines the setting in which we play, according to the template from By Night Studios. It defines the rarity of certain elements and the approval levels for them.

Camarilla Setting Style Guide

Character Creation

Links to the various resources you will need when creating a character, starting with a character sheet: Character Sheet – Google Doc

Please make a copy of the sheet. Do not directly edit this one.


Each Clan is composed of several Lineages, each with their own quirks, boons and banes. Choosing a Lineage can help you form ties with other members of that Lineage, and provide opportunities for conflict with its adversaries. The various Lineages are described in this document : Lineages

Character Creation Document

In order to help both you and your Storyteller better flesh out your character, you can fill a Character Creation Document that describes in details your character. Doing so will gain you XP. The document can be found here : Character Creation Document

Approval Questions

In an effort to streamline the approvals process we have distilled the important questions down to only four. Please copy and paste these into the approvals database in place of the existing questions.

  1. What (exactly) are you applying for?
  2. What does this add to the game (locally and nationally)?
  3. What problems do your foresee this approval bringing in to the game?
  4. How will you deal with these problems?

Thaumaturgical Registry

If your character possesses Thaumaturgy or Necromancy, it must be registered with Clan Tremere, or else your character will face social consequences (a Greater Status Ban). We provide a form that you can fill to represent this registration: Thaumaturgy and Necromancy Registry

Time Spent Outside Your Domain

If your character has spent time outside of your domain, you must detail where that time was spent by filling our World Building Questionnaire: Canadian World Building Questionnaire

Time Spent Outside Canada

If you character has spent time outside of Canada, you will need to register these events in the Global Historical Registry, that tries to keep track of where everyone has been. This is the link to the registry: Global Historical Registry

Best Practices Document

A compilation of various rule questions and answers that have come up from time to time. This is not an authoritative document, but rather provides a frame of reference for storytellers when they have to make a rule call. It is living document that will evolve as we encounter other situations.

Best Practices Document

Masquerade Approvals Questions

Other Information

  • Proxy Template : When playing by proxy in another domain, please use this template for the email you will send the host storyteller.
  • Cross-Border Play Agreement : Players from outside Canada must fill this agreement to come play in our chronicle.